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Libya is planning to build a green village to protect the Greek and Roman ruins in Cyrene from haphazard developments. Cyrene is one of the oldest and the richest Greek cities and lies in a lush valley in the Jebel Akhdar uplands. It is home to some of the most beautiful ancient structures like the Temple of Apollo, the temple of Demeter and the temple of Zeus. Most of these were damaged under the orders of Moammar Al Quadhafi in 1978.

The project, the Green Mountain Conservation , will be powered with wind and solar energy and the trash generated would be recycled and converted into biofuel. The architecture of the resorts, hotels, villas and residences would be in sync with the rugged landscape. The idea is to blend environmental and cultural tourism across the thousand miles of undeveloped coastlines.

The area is also the last breeding ground for some species of turtles and tuna in the Mediterranean, so care is taken to see that the ecosystem remains intact and is not subjected to dangers.

Foster and Associates, a British architectural firm would be designing the Green Mountain Conservation and Developmental zone while the UNESCO aid the restorations of the ruins.

Though, the idea is welcoming, the skeptics are unsure about the tourist inflow as the basic infrastructure like an airport is missing. Hopefully, the basic amenities will be taken care of soon.