Mumbai – The Happening Hub

Mumbai – The Happening Hub


Mumbai, better known as the Dream City is a huge destination which has been serving the purposes of a few lakh people over time. Irrespective of your age, passion, dreams, interests and history, this city is known to fulfill everything, one at a time. A city full of infectious energy and calming peace, it never sleeps and at the same time can settle your inner disturbances. The city is house to a number of attractions in the form of temples, markets and hosts amazing events and restaurants which literally determine the happenings in the city.

A Mumbaikar’s life is running at the frequency of a Mumbai local in the city and in order to slow it down, the city has some of the best options to hangout and chill with restaurants, theatres and malls. Irrespective of whether you are new in town or a locale of the city, Mumbai can never tire you. While there’s a lot that the city life can offer you, there are certain unexplored environments in and around the city.
Bhiwandi is a taluka in the district of Thane, which is pretty much considered a part of Mumbai city. Most part of the area is filled with looms and industries and over the recent times has developed into a commercial cum residential area. The developments although recent, there is an extensive part of the population which is still engaged in rural activities, which remains under and undeveloped. Another such area is Shahpur, which is yet another town near Mumbai is completely surrounded by the Western Ghats. Hence, the region is a preferred spot for ecotourism and also houses the Mahuli and Anurayee Eco tourism Center.
With so many places to explore in Mumbai, it will only leave you asking for more due to the multitude options that it provides.

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